May 28, 2015 – Departing Paris

Well, today is the day – time to go back to reality (slowly, since we won’t have the kids until tomorrow).  Got up around 4:30, still limping and hurting.  Went outside, came back, drank coffee….you know the whole bit by now.  I started to get ready and when I was in the middle of doing my hair, I noticed I kept nodding off.  Ernie had to go get money for our transport to Charles de Gaulle Airport.  He said “I’ll be right back.”  The next thing I knew, the hotel phone was ringing and it was him.  I actually fell completely asleep, doing my hair, without burning myself, and didn’t hear him knocking or my phone buzzing.  I have no clue how long he had been doing this, but he said he would be right up (he was calling from the front desk).  I knew he was jacked but all I could do was apologize.

I got some more coffee and started to change.  When it finally came to putting on my shoes, it literally took me about 5 minutes just to get my left one on.  And that’s my smaller one without the bunion.  Finally got it on and said “I can do this!”  Nope nope nope.  Could not get that show on my right foot to save my life.  And what if I had to take them off at the airport?  I was so mad and I had no room in my luggage for the Choo box, so if my feet don’t go back to normal, I’m screwed.  So, I went and finished my hair, then changed again.  I had a hard enough time getting my riding boots on and my feet were throbbing.  It didn’t matter what shoes I put on.

A short while later, it was time to check out and wait for our transport.  I fell asleep on the ride to the airport (surprise).  We got there; Ernie’s carry on bag ripped, I did have to take off my shoes (and watch, belt and sunglasses) to clear security.  Then there was some confusion at the end of the checkpoint, but it got worked out.  Got all my shit together and up we went to our gate.  Behold!  At the top, there was a smoking area inside the airport!  Unheard of!  This airport was decked out in all the upscale stores, including Prada, which had a beautiful pale blue purse in it.  (I checked online when I got home and it cost over $2600.)  We went to a duty-free store and bought some presents, then found our gate.  After a few minutes, I made Ernie come back to the smoking area with me.  You had to go through 2 doors to enter the room and everyone was quiet and had their own spot on the wall or by the window.  I smoked 2 for good measure and went back to Ernie.  We walked (rather, limped) back – past PS3 stations, computer services and music chairs – and had to keep waiting because they kept delaying boarding.

Finally, it was time for us to go.  I changed our seats earlier because it gave us a free seat in our row.  However, once boarded, that had changed.  Dammit.  So here I am, in the middle of the row.  It’s fine, except my legs and feet are swollen and throbbing.  I fell asleep quickly – I didn’t even know we took off.  Thanks, Xanax.  Been up and sleeping on and off for the flight.  We have about 3 hours and 17 minutes until we touch down at home.  I think I’m going to watch a movie now.  Maybe I’ll be back.  Maybe this will just go on the blog.  We’ll see (well, I guess it did).  Until next time….

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