Wake Me When It’s Over

I know I’m about a week out at this point, but last Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol was a lot to take in. Seemed unfathomable. But as I sat there staring in utter disbelief at the horror playing out in front of my very eyes, and even in the reflection of it since, I could not and cannot convince myself that we didn’t see this coming. It’s not as if it were an underground movement. We all had been smacked in the face with it nearly every day since the 2016 Election Campaign began. And it continued to get so bad that the strain in our country – our relationships – are ready to break or have broken at this point.

I remember 4 years ago next week, the outrage I had felt up to that point; that everything leading up to that fateful Election Night in November of ’16, just could not have occured; could not have produced the outcome we were facing. Outraged at the fact that every bombshell that dropped about this candidate only helped bolster his win for the bid of President rather than prevent it. If you’ve read an earlier post in my “blogging career”, you saw that I felt empowered enough to go with my allies to Washington D.C. and march the day after the Inauguration to express my disgust at what had happened. To join all of the voices present there and around the world to let this establishment know they messed with the wrrrrrrooooonnnnnggg bitches and Our Time Is Now. And that’s what we did. And we didn’t go away.

Cut to last week and the aftermath. I think that after the election, when it was properly announced that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris prevailed, those opposed to Trump may have gotten a little….soft? Tired? Had enough? Well, whatever it may have been. If anyone were like me, I was breathing sighs of relief and felt more at peace than I had during the current presidential term. I allowed myself not to get mired down anymore by the daily pissings and moanings of whomever was lining their pockets to stay in good terms with the man behind the curtain. Or was he more in front of it?

It was this idea – that of everyone trying to stay on the good side of the “tour de force” that is known as Trump, that got me ripping everyone apart in my head. Yeah. I said tour de force. You have to admit that he is grand and adept at what he has done. Don’t go thinking I’m saying he’s a great man. But you gotta admit it. Someone that can basically summon and make almost commonplace the ideations of the Klan or the Confederacy, along with the wherewithal to push and prod to get results could technically warrant that title. Refer back to last week for examples.

Which brings me to my musings of what we have seen and what may come in the final hour. Hopefully in a relative nutshell.

As I watched over the last week when everyone seemed to jump that ship to save their own asses and positions, it had become a game of “Who’s full of shit more?”. I guess when you’re faced with the idea of “Club Fed,” you too would jump ship instead of bumbling on, chasing down that “carrot” that’s been dangled in front of you for years. The one that has given you the false hope that you’ll make it out of this hell well-off than when you were plucked out of virtual anonymity to head a department that you know nothing about. The old adage of “Stick with me, kid. We’ll go places.” Now that he has no bearing on whether you’re going to somehow remain employed in politics and further your career, you act like you have morals and values to rein in your base for a longer period of time in office. Or, at the very least, keep you in the good graces of those that apparently matter to you now.

And the followers. They bought into all of the bullshit. The fact that you believed his ass and then he dropped the mic on his relentless sabotage of American democracy. And when his faithful couldn’t do enough damage to overturn the election in his favor, you were thrown under the bus. That motherfucker has been running a game on you for YEARS and you actually believed he gave two shits about you – that’s downright demented. He tried a last-ditch effort of giving you (and me) a $2000 stimulus check to win back those that ran away from him. He was pointing you in the direction of the “bad people” while giving you a reach-around – cradling your balls or grabbing yet another pussy and you went along with it. One could look back and see that this was a domestic-violence-laden relationship that you just kept saying “no, he really didn’t mean that. He’s a good guy.”

How do you not see what he is all about? The last major narcissistic zealot goes by the name of….ummm… what the fuck is his name…? Adolf. I think that’s it. Too many agreed with the racist bullshit that spewed out from those podiums. I know what you’re thinking. “They are not even close to being the same.” I’ll grant you that. Somewhat. But consider the blatant disregard to the population, whom he all but ignored the pleas since Covid-19 landed on our shores. The downplaying all the way to the complete denial that it existed. Combine that with the all but outright support of the white…I mean, Right-wing populace in terms of handling the culmination of racial tensions that exploded last year with the deaths of George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. And that’s the beginning. No admonishments or true conviction of those behind the trigger. Or the knee on the neck.

Don’t get it twisted. This is not to be interpreted as me giving support to any political figure who is deemed “relevant” in this particular climate. My words rest strictly on explaining things to you that you apparently only skimmed the cliff notes on in regards to our recent history in politics and picked out what resonated with you.

Do I think that people are going to read this, and/or older posts, and do a 180 on how they’ve thought and felt for 4+ years? Fuck no. But I would like to hope that after everything, including the attack on the Capitol, people will take a moment to consider that this might not have been the right way to go. But, wish in one hand…

As a consolation prize though, he just scored the #1 spot for a president who has TWO House Impeachments. Bragging riiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhtttttsss….

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