I caught a story on the Today Show this morning about a teenager who underwent plastic surgery with the hope that it would prevent bullying that she used to receive when she was in school.  I call this post “Confused” because I can’t believe that we’ve come to this point.  I mean, I know this isn’t a new story but why?  Why has our society come to the point that bullying is so bad that people are taking these extreme measures?  I’m not saying that I’m perfect.  I know I bullied classmates.  I was bullied too.  We all played both sides at some point in our lives.  Did plastic surgery cross my mind?  I don’t believe so.  Did I get depressed over it?  Hell yes.  I can say that I thought of ways “out”, but I also thought that a lot of teenagers went through that at some point.  (I also didn’t know for many years that I was bipolar, but that’s another post.)

I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this.  I just found it sad that we let people get to us so much that we’re willing spend money on things that we don’t even need.  What’s worse is when it goes to the ultimate ending.

Someone once said to me “They aren’t doing anything to you.  You are allowing them to get to you.  You are in control.  Once you learn that, things will be a lot better.”

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