Thawing Out

2015-03-01 11.08.31

 Knowing that I haven’t written in a while, I decided on asking for help in brainstorming for a new post.  I asked my cousin, Sarah, for some ideas – she came up with a brilliant twist on all this wonderful weather we’ve been having and what is to come.  I will try my best on my interpretation of the ideas, Sarah…

I’m a winter baby – I embrace it.  I love seeing the snow falling all around.  It reminds me of my childhood.  That being said, there’s a point where I get tired of the monotony of the forecast and long for light sweater weather, brighter colors and foliage and flowers to bloom.  Winter is the death of the seasons while spring is the new life.  (Everyone knows that, right?)

This particular winter has not been kind, as you know.  Not just because of the constant 2-4″ snowfalls every other day and temperatures lower than that in Alaska.  Brrrrr!  Dare I say it?  I do dare.  This winter has fucked me.  Well, me and my family.  Death does not just pertain to the Earth’s natural ecosystem.  We’re battling through not only the weather, but the lingering effects of the death of my dad.  Both are defeating in various degrees for all of us right now.  I can’t speak specifically for them, but I know we’re all going through all of it.

We’re just weeks away from shoveling away this clusterfuck of a winter one last time and in turn, we will begin anew, whether Mother Nature wants to go along with it or not.  It’s our time to start fresh, while never forgetting.  I’m not trying to tell my family what to do.  They need to go at their own pace.  But we will soldier on, together at times, into the Spring.  Into a new life.


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