Den of Irritable Bowels

So, I’ve spent my day getting pulled in 4 different directions by all my “kids”, human and furry.  Let’s take a step into my world…

One dog, who has been resting for over a week now because of hind pain and a roller coaster diet, had finally “exploded” in the house overnight.  This, we surmise, is due to the fact that he hasn’t been able to lift his tail properly to go in a normal manner.  It did not end with that episode, for it continued throughout the day, in and out of the house, rain or shine.  And apparently, wiping asses is not limited to the human children in this house.  Nor is it limited to asses, for the tail got involved at one point.  Maybe he was trying to help clean up.  Tip:  Bounty is doggie toilet paper…

My other dog has taken a cue – or some kind of germ – from the first, because she has had me jumping up (when I could sit down) to run her outside for some “runs” of her own.  At one point, she was doing her post-movement-cover-up with grass and mud and shot clumps far and hard enough to hit the house (she was rather excited because a dog was walking by the house).  I think she needs to go out again.  She’s staring at me…

My youngest is having her own bathroom troubles from I don’t know what, on top of having an ulcerated, bleeding rash again.  That she wants to scratch.  It takes some acquired skill to keep a hand and 2 feet out of that mess.  And because of her cleanse, her growing, her being a 7 month old, she’s hungry a lot.  Of course, I’m going to feed her.  Just got to get settled in aaaaannnnddd…

The 4th direction, I mean, the 3-year-old wants – no, NEEDS “piggy cow moo and milk”.  That’s chocolate milk in our house.   Or she’s really hungry but can’t make up her mind about what she wants to eat and shoots down every one of my suggestions.  Or she has to go to the bathroom – or has already gone in her pull-up.  Every damn time one of the other three needs my help.  Not a minute before.  At least any sign of IBS from her has not been seen.  Thankfully.  Still have a few hours though…

~ S

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